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  Euro -  US Dollar development

Euro's rise against the US dollar in July

Despite all credit problems from countries like Greece and Portugal the Euro gains almost 10 Cent towards the US Dollar in July. Germany and parts of Europe recover faster than expected from the recession.

American economists cut U.S. growth forecasts and fear to fall back into recession.

  European Union sales development

European Union E-Commerce: Trends, obstacles and opportunities

Some of todays barriers to cross-border online sales relate to lack of trust and missing business development solutions.

33% of EU consumers say they are willing to purchase products and services in another language. While e-commerce is taking off at national level...

  USA export to Europe

US President Obama's goal of doubling U.S. exports

Dealing with the biggest US trade deficit ever, US President Obama promised to help US companies to export their products and services outside the USA.


Facing more and more difficulty in the home market, exporting goods and services outside the US are a great opportunity. The biggest challenges tapping into new markets are...

European business development
  European business development solutions

Are you an overseas company looking to enter the European Market?

The European market is the largest economy in the world. Entering this market successfully can be a significant sales opportunity for your overseas business.

budeso offers a wide range of European business development services and solutions for companies wanting to expand into the European market. Our business development solutions include an European sales hub, a dedicated project manager, customer relationship management, local marketing and ad campaigns. Each solution will be carefully adapted towards your company's requirements. We operate in Europe on your behalf as if you were a European company.

We manage your European accounts, generate new leads, and turn them into new business for you. Your valued customers abroad receive the same great service that they would receive from you at home, all without the expense, risk and headache of having offices and employees in a foreign country.

European business development

Are you an European company looking to enter the German and/or French market?

Enter these markets successfully with our professional sales service solution. Within days your company receives a fully functional sales office in either Germany or France. We manage your German and French based sales office on your behalf. We take care of your local accounts, generate new leads, and turn them into business for you. Further more we provide a range of business development services for successful German and French market penetration.

German sales office | French sales office

European e-commerce solutions

expand your business into Europe

Increase your foreign conversion rate dramatically! Our e-commerce solutions help all kinds of e-businesses to successfully manage and develop their European cross-border online sales.

European e-commerce development


European business development services

  European business development services

We offer a full range of business development services in Europe including inside and outside sales services, customer relationship management, German trade show support, back office support and local marketing.

Furthermore, we offer European market analyses for your products and services, develop entry strategies, perform competitor analysis and search and screen for agents and distributors.

European business development services


back office support


Our back office support team takes orders on behalf of your company and enters them directly into an intranet crm system, provides faq service and manages your customer complaints with a sophisticated ticket system.

You have immediate online access to all your European business transactions and our customer relationship management system.


help desk services


Does your international operating business require a German, French, Spanish or maybe English speaking help desk? We offer efficient and customized help desk services, suitable for almost any budget and size.


German trade shows


Germany hosts some of the biggest and most important trade shows worldwide. Around two-thirds of the world's key international trade fairs are held in Germany, and the country operates four of the five largest trade fairgrounds in the world.

Maximize your return at industry shows with our trade show services. budeso will help you improve pre-show, onsite, and post-show sales and marketing efforts.

trade show services
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